Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 351 to 360

  1. At the extremity of hardship comes relief, and at the tightening of the chains of tribulation comes ease.

  2. Do not devote much of your activity to your wife and your children, because if your wife and children are lovers of Allah then He will not leave His lovers uncared for, and if enemies of Allah then why should you worry and keep yourself busy about the enemies of Allah.

  3. The greatest defect is to regard that defect (in others) which is present in yourself.

  4. Someone congratulated another person in the presence of Imam (A.S.) on the birth of a son saying: Congratulations for getting a rider of horses. Then Imam (A.S.) : Do not say so; but say: You have occasion to be grateful to Allah, the Giver, and be blessed with what you have been given. May he attain full life and may you be blessed with his devotion.

  5. One of the officers of Imam (A.S.) built a stately house, about which Imam (A.S.) : This is silver coins showing forth their faces. Certainly, this house speaks of your riches.

  6. It was said to Imam (A.S.) : If a man is left in his house and the door is closed, from where will his livelihood reach him. And he replied: From whatever way his death reaches him.

  7. Condoling with people among whom one had died, Imam (A.S.) : This thing has not started with you nor does it end with you. This fellow of yours was used to journeying and therefore it is better to think him stillto be journeying. Either he will rejoin you or else you will rejoin him.

  8. O’ people, let Allah see you fearing at the time of happiness just as you fear Him at the time of distress. Certainly, he who is given ease (of life) and does not consider it as a means of slow approach towards tribulation (wrongly), considers himself safe against what is to be feared while he who is afflicted with straitened circumstances but does not perceive them to be a trial loses the coveted reward.

  9. O’ slaves of desires, cut them short because he who leans on the world gets nothing out of it except the pain of hardships. O’ people, take upon yourselves your own training and turn away from the dictates of your natural inclinations.

  10. Do not regard an expression uttered by any person as evil if you can find it capable of bearing some good.

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