Nahjul BalaghaSermons

Sermon 169

When Ameerul Momineen decided to fight the enemy face to face at Siffin he said:

O my Allah! O Sustainer of the high sky and the suspended firmament which You have made a shelter for the night and the day, an orbit for the sun and the moon and a path for the rotating stars, and for populating it You  have created a group of Your angels who do not get weary of worshipping You.  O Sustainer of this earth which You have made an abode for people and a place for the movement of insects and beasts and countless other creatures seen and unseen.  O Sustainer of strong mountains which You have made as pegs for the earth and a support for people. If You give us victory over our enemy, save us from excesses and keep us on the straight path of truth. But if You give them victory over us, then grant us martyrdom and save us from mischief. Where are those who protect honour, and those self-respecting persons who defend respectable persons in the time of hardship? Shame is behind you while Paradise is in front of you.

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