Nahjul BalaghaSermons

Sermon 199

O people, do not wonder at the small number of those who follow the right path, because people throng only round the table (of this world) whose edibles are few but whose hunger is insatiable. O people, certainly, what gathers people together (in categories) is agreement (to good or bad) and disagreement, for only one individual killed the camel of Thamud but Allah held all of them in punishment because all of them joined him by their acquiescing in their consenting to it. Thus, Allah, the Glorified. has said:

Then they hamstrung her, and turned regretful. (Quran, 26:157).

Then their land declined by sinking (into earth) as the spike of a plough pierces unploughed weak land. O people, he who treads the clear path (of guidance) reaches the spring of water, and whoever abandons it strays into waterless desert.

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