Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 241 to 250

  1. The day of the oppressed over the oppressor will be severer than the day of the oppressor over the oppressed.
  2. Fear Allah to some degree (even) though it be little; and set a curtain between you and Allah (even) though it be thin
  3. When replies are numerous the correct point remains obscure.
  4. Surely in every blessing there is a right of Allah. If one discharges that right Allah increases the blessing, and if one falls short of doing so one stands in danger of losing the blessing.
  5. When capability increases, desire decreases.
  6. Keep on guard against the slipping away of blessings because not everything that runs away comes back.
  7. Generosity is more prompting to good than regard for kinship.
  8. If a person has a good idea about you make his idea be true.
  9. The best act is that which you have to force yourself to do.
  10. I came to know Allah, the Glorified, through the breaking of determinations, change of intentions and losing of courage.

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