Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 221 to 230

  1. The worst provision for the Day of Judgement is high-handedness over people.
  2. The highest act of a noble person is to ignore what he knows.
  3. Whomever modesty clothes with its dress people cannot see his defects.
  4. Excess of silence produces awe; justice results in more close friends; generosity heightens position; with humility blessings abound in plenty; by facing hardships leadership is achieved; by just behaviour the adversary is overpowered; and with forbearance against a fool there is increase of one’s supporters against him.
  5. It is strange that the jealous do not feel jealous about bodily health.
  6. The greedy is in the shackles of disgrace.
  7. Imam was asked about belief when he said: Belief means appreciation with the heart, acknowledgement with the tongue, and action with limbs.
  8. He who is sorrowful for this world is in fact displeased with the dispensation of Allah. He who complains of a calamity that befalls him complainsof his Lord (Allah). He who approaches a rich man and bends before him on account of his riches then two-third of his religion is gone. If a man reads the Quran and on dying goes to Hell then it means that he was among those who treated Divine verses with mockery. If a man’s heart gets attached to the world, then it catches three things, namely worry that never leaves him, greed that does not abandon him and desire which he never fulfils.
  9. Contentment is as good as estate, and goodness of moral character is as good as a blessing. Imam was asked about Allah’s saying: (Whosoever did good,. whether male or female, and he be a believer, then We will certainly make him live a life good and pure and certainly We will give them their return with the best of what they were doing). (Quran, 16:97) when he said: That means contentment.
  10. Be a sharer with him who has an abundant livelihood because he is more probable to get more riches and likely to secure an increase of the share therein.

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