Nahjul BalaghaSermons

Sermon 224

My Allah! You are most attached to Your lovers and most ready to assist those who trust in You. You see them in their concealments, know whatever is in their consciences, and are aware of the extent of their intelligence. Consequently, their secrets are open to You and their hearts eager from You. If loneliness bores them, Your remembrance gives them solace. If distresses befall them, they beseech Your protection, because they know the reins of affairs are in Your hands, and their movements depend on Your commands .

My Allah! If I am unable to express my request or cannot see my needs, then guide me towards my betterment and take my betterment and take my heart towards the correct goal. This is not against Your guidance or anything new against Your ways of support. My Allah! Deal with me through Your forgiveness and do not deal with me according to Your justice.

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