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The Pure Dew Drop and her Child

The Story of Al 'Imran

'Imran became a very old man, but Allah did not give him a child. His wife, Hanna, was barren. She wished that Allah had given her a child. Allah, the Glorified, inspired 'Imran: "I will give you a blessed child." Thus, 'Imran rejoiced at that and gave good news to his wife, saying: "Allah has accepted our prayers, and He will give us a blessed child."The good woman, Hanna, rejoiced when she became pregnant.One morning she went to the temple and vowed to Allah, saying: "My Lord, I vow to You that what is in my womb is devoted (to Your service); therefore accept (it) from me, surely You are the Hearing, the Knowing."

The Vow

Zakariya, the Prophet (A.S.), was in the temple. He rejoiced when he heard of that, saying: "Allah has power over all things; He gives whomever He wills."He entered the mihrab and prayed to Allah, and then he went to his shop in the market.Days, weeks, and months passed, 'Imran died before he saw the child's face. Hanna thought that Allah would give her a boy-baby, so she was surprised when she gave birth to a pretty girl-baby.How did Hanna fulfill her vow? Was it possible for the girl to serve in the temple?Hanna looked at the sky and said: "My Lord, I have given birth to a female, and the male is not like the female!"Allah, the Glorified, inspired her that the girl would occupy an important position, and that she would serve the mihrab and temple. So Hanna said humbly: "I have called it Maryam, and I ask You to protect her and her children from the cursed Satan."Hanna, the good woman, named her daughter Maryam, namely the worshipper or the servant of the temple.Maryam grew up and it was time for her to go to the temple to serve Allah.Who looked after Maryam? All the fortune-tellers wanted to take care of her, for she was the daughter of Imran, the good man, and the daughter of Hanna, the pious woman.All the fortune-tellers agreed on drawing lots, and the lot came to Zakariya (A.S.)..
Zakariya was a pious person. He loved Maryam, for he thought that she would be good and blessed..
Zakariya, Maryam's uncle, looked after Maryam and brought her up..

The Virgin

Maryam lived in small room in the highest story of the Sacred House; she isolated herself from the world.No one entered her room except Zakariya.Maryam grew up in her isolation; She was like a pure dew drop, a sun behind clouds, and a bright moon,"Maryam grew up; she was like a wet rose or a violet flower. Her scent traveled in space, but nobody saw her..

Ripe Dates in Winter

On a cold winter day, Zakariya climbed the ladder to go to the Maryam's room. He wanted to carry food, which was some crumbs of bread and some yogurt, to Maryam.Zakariya heard a voice like the murmur of brooks. There was no one except Maryam, who prayed to her Lord, Who chose and purified her.Zakariya entered the room quietly. He saw a wonderful thing. He saw a plate full of ripe dates. The dates filled the room with their scent.Zakariya was astonished to see that, so he asked Maryam: "From where have you brought these ripe dates?"Maryam answered and her angelic face blazed with humbleness: "They are from Allah, surely Allah gives without reckoning!"Zakariya's soul became filled with faith, and he talked to himself: "Allah gives the believer summer fruit in the middle of winter!"Days passed and the summer came. On a summer day Zakariya came to Maryam; he saw her prostrating herself to Allah and saw a plate full of oranges, so he admired that young lady, who had a great position with Allah.Allah, the Glorified, honored Maryam; He gave her without reckoning. She found her food in her room, for she devoted herself to Allah. She did not leave her room on any condition, for she wanted to fulfill her mother's vow..

Zakariya prayed to his Lord

Zakariya talked to himself: "Allah, the Glorified, has honored Maryam; He give her summer fruit in winter, and winter fruit in summer. Indeed Allah has power over all things; He gives whomever He wills without reckoning."Zakariya, the good old man stood to pray to Allah humbly, saying: "My Lord, give me good children!"Suddenly, the mihrab was full of heavenly light. Zakariya heard the angel saying to him: "Zakariya surely We give you good news of a boy whose name shall be Yahya. We have not made before anyone his equal.""
Zakariya's wish became true.Zakariya wished that he had a boy like Maryam in purity, truthfulness, and faith.However, Zakariya asked th angel: "How shall I have a boy when my wife is barren and I myself have become very old?"The angel replied: "So shall it be; your Lord says: It is easy for me."Then Zakariya asked the angel: "How will I know that Allah has given me Yahya?"The angel answered: "The sign for that is that you will be unable to speak for three nights."The evening came and it got dark. Zakariya felt that his tongue was as dried as wood; he was unable to speak, so he prostrated himself to Allah, the Glorified..

Allah, the Glorified, gave Zakariya a boy who would be of great importance.Zakariya went out of the mihrab; he wanted to preach to people; he wanted to say to them: "Do not forget Allah.Prostrate yourselves to Him. Mention His name frequently."Zakariya was unable to speak, so he pointed to the sky. He wanted to say: "Children of Israel, Allah, the Glorified, watches you. My people, glorify Allah and mention His name."Three nights passed, but Zakariya was unable to speak. On the fourth day, he said to his wife, Ilisabat: "Allah, the Glorified, has given me good news of a boy whose name is Yahya."The good woman said: "Oh! Yahya! What a wonderful name!" Then she asked Zakariya: "How will I give birth to a boy-baby while I am barren?"Zakariya replied: "Allah has power over all things. He, the Glorified, has power over the laws of creation. He has power over the sky and the earth. He created our father Adam from earth..

The Miracle

The Jews of that time were stubborn. They believed in magic; some traded in gold. However, they all loved money more than anything else.They frequently deviated from Musa's teachings.For this reason, Allah, The Glorified, wanted to wake them from their heedlessness, so he gave Zakariya a boy. Zakariya's barren wife became pregnant and gave birth to a boy-baby whose face balzed with faith and love. Hanna gave birth to a girl-baby whose name was Maryam.Allah, the Glorified, promised Imran that He would give him a child, but Imran had died before he saw his daughter Maryam.Allah, the Glorified, purified Maryam to make her a sign for people, and He made her another sign..

The Good News

Maryam worshipped Allah in her isolation. Her face blazed with light. Her pure heart traveled through the stars and the skies.The young lady was as bright as a morning dewdrop.Her heart was bright and her soul was pure. She was about to fly high in worlds full of light.Maryam isolated herself from the world. There was nothing between her and the world except a small window overlooking the blue horizon touching the green hills.Suddenly her room became filled with light. In the middle of the light, she saw a young man. She was afraid of the young man, so she said to him: "I seek refuge with Allah from you if you are pious!"The young man explained: "Maryam, don't be afraid. "I am only a messenger of your Lord, so that I may give you a pure boy.'"Bowing her head out of bashfulness, Maryam asked the young man: "How will I give brith to a baby-boy while I am not married?"Maryam was a miracle, and she became the mother of a miracle when she gave birth to a baby-boy while she was still virgin.The angel said: "Your Lord says: It is easy for Me; We will make him a sign to men and a mercy from Us, and it is decreed matter."Then the angel walked toward Maryam and blew into her shirt, so Maryam felt that a great soul entered her body.The angel disappeared. Maryam understood that she would face difficult days, and that she would shoulder a great responsibility..

She bore the Spirit and Word of Allah in her body, but she was anxious because no one would believe her blessed baby-boy, so she asked herself: "How will the people belive that a baby is born without a father?"One lovely morning, Maryam went to the near-by hills. She was anxious, but her faith in Allah strengthen her determination and will.Maryam was so tired that she sat by the trunk. She felt the severe pain of childbirth, so she said: "Oh, would that I had died before this, and had a thing quite forgotten!"Maryam heard the baby saying to her: "Mother, do not grieve. Allah has created a brook for you, so drink from it, and shake the trunk of the date-palm and it will drop on you fresh ripe dates. So eat and drink and refresh the eye."Maryam became calm, but she asked her baby: "My little son, what about the people? What will say to them, Spirit of Allah?""Isa, the miracle, was born without father to be a sign and mercy to people..
The pure baby smiled at his mother. His mother put him on her lap, and then she carried him and went to her people.Maryam descended from the hills and went to the temple. The people saw a wonderful sight. They saw Maryam carrying a baby and going to her room. One person said: "Oh, look! That is Maryam, daughter of Imran, carrying a baby!"Another person asked: "What? What? How? Where is she?"The first person replied: "That is Maryam going to her room in the temple!"The moving news spread everywhere, so everyone talked about it..

Everyone wondered, but the believers kept silent. As for the bad people, they said obscene words.Zakariya and the fortune-tellers heard of the rumors, so they went to the temple to see Maryam.He said: "I am the Servant of Allah."While Maryam was praying and 'Isa was sleeping in the cradle, Zakariya and the fortune-tellers entered the room.One of the fortune-tellers said to Maryam rudely: "Maryam, you have done a strange thing!"Another said: "Harun's sister, your father was not a bad man, nor was your mother an unchaste woman!"Maryam stood up looking at her people and her face blazed with heavenly light. She said nothing, but she pointed with her finger to the baby.The people wondered and said: "How will we speak to the one who is a child in the cradle?"While the people were looking at the baby with astonishment, the miracle occurred. The baby answered them, saying: "I am the servant of Allah; He has given me the Book and made me a prophet. Allah is my and your Lord, so serve Him."Allah has made me blessed; he has ordered me to pray and pay the poor-rate as long as I live."He has ordered me to be kind to my mother, and He has not made me insolent. unblessed."So peace be on me on the day I was born, on the day I am raised from the dead!"When Zakariya heard these words, he believed in 'Isa, son of Maryam, and prostrated himself to Allah, the Glorified.Some people believed in this miracle; some disbelieved in it..

The Sacred House

Allah, the Glorified, promised Zakariya to give him a boy. The miracle occurred when Yahya was born while his mother was barren. Allah created 'Isa without a father, so He was able to give a baby to the barren woman. Thus, Zakariya rejoiced at the baby.Yahya was born; he was a believing, pure child. He loved Allah, and Allah loved him. Zakariya's family was noble.The father was righteous, the mother was believing, and the child was kind to his parents and people.'Isa was born in that society. His birth was a miracle and proof of Allah's power over all things.Yahya's birth was a miracle and proof of Allah's power over all things.They both were two proofs of Allah's power over all things..

The Story of Our Prophet Yahya

Our prophet 'Isa was born. He was Allah's word and mercy. His birth was miraculous.The people knew of Maryam's chastity. Meanwhile they heard the baby speaking in the cradle and giving god news of Allah's mercy, so they believed in Allah and prostrated themselves to Him.At that time the Jewish society led a life full of corruption and lying, and were very materialistic people. No part of the Torah remained correct except few words.They Jews distorted Allah's words. They did that to achieve their interests and ambitions.The Jewish society became materialistc; it did not believe in anything except the worldly things.The poor increased in poverty, and the rich increased in riches. There was nothing sacred except gold..

To Egypt

The country was full of chaos when the baby spoke from the cradle.Some statesmen came to ask about the baby who spoke from the cradle and gave good news to people of prophecy and salvation.The people in the capital, Rome, were anxious and wanted to know what had happened in their homeland.No one was safe from the planning of the Jews even Zakariya. The Jews plotted against Zakariya and provoke the Roman Emperor to kill him.The Jews bore malice against all the people; they loved no one except themselves. They plotted against the prophets who came to lead them to the right path.Bakht Nasr, the King of Babylon, occupied Palestine and took the Jews as prisoners of war. So the Jews have bore malice against mankind and have planned to control the world since then.They wrote a book and called the book the Talmud. They said that was more sacred than the Torah. They distorted Allah's words and the law of Musa, Allah's messenger..

For this reason, 'Isa was born without a father to be a miracle and to guide the children of Israel to the right path.However, the Jews accused the Prophets of lying, for the Prophets asked mankind to follow the right path.Maryam feared for the safety of her baby; she was afraid of the planning of the Jews. The Roman official came to Maryam to ask her about her baby, so Maryam decided to go to Egypt..
Thus, one night, Maryam carried the Spirit and Word of Allah ('Isa) and left her homeland for Egypt. She lived there for many years..

Yahya, take the Book!

Yahya was a wonderful child. His face blazed with light and the solemnity of the Prophets.The children came to Yahya and said him: "Let's play."Yahya answered them politely: "I have not been created for playing!"Yahya realized many things when he was child. Thus, he asked himself: "Why has Maryam taken her baby and escaped? Why do he Jews lead a life full of ignorance, deviation from the truth, and corruption? Why have the unbelieving Romans controlled my people?"Yahya answered all these questions saying: "All that has happened because the children of Israel have turned away from the true religion, because they way of Allah is clear and strait, so do not make it crooked!""


At that time a Roman King called Hirodus ruled Syria. The king was a wicked pagan.Hirodus's brother had a beautiful woman, so Hirodus took his brother's wife by force to be his wife.No one opposed Hirodus except our Prophet Yahya, who said to him: "You have no right to marry your brother's wife!"Yahya did not keep silent. He blamed Hirodus for his wicked deeds.Thus, Hirodus ordered the police to arrest Yahya and they arrested him.When they put Yahya in prison, Yahya was not afraid of them; he did not beg them for release. Yahya was brave in prison, so he said loudly: "The one who is stronger than me will come after me! Mercy will prevail.Yahya grew up and became a strong young man, so he said openly: "Those who have garments should give to those who have no garments!!
"Those who have food should give the poor!"Do not oppress anyone! Do not slander anyone!!
The path country! The lilies will bloom! The eyes will see the daylight, and the deaf ears will open!""

The Celebration

Hirodus held a great celebration. During the celebration the women danced and the men drank wine, while the poor outside the palace were hungry, felt oppression, and shook with cold.The poor were naked; they had no garments to cover their bodies, while Hirodus, the king, wore silk clothes and sat on his throne decorated with gold, silver, and precious stones.Yahya's voice echoed through the walls of the prison: "Hirodus, the oppressive one, you have no right to marry the woman with a husband!"The police brought Yahya, who was chained and his face blazed with heavenly light. His face was like a white cloud.Hirodus shouted: "I have married this woman! I am the ruler of this land!"Yahya said angrily: "It is unlawful for you to do that!"Hirodus shouted: "I will marry her daughter! I will marry Saloomi!""
Yahya burst into anger: "It is unlawful for you to do that! It is unlawful for the person to marry a woman with a husband! It is unlawful for the person to marry his stepdaughter!"Hirodus shouted at Yahya with malice: "I will cut off your head, so your voice will die forever!""
Yahya said with a voice that shook the walls of the palace: "It is unlawful for you! It is unlawful for you!""

Hirodus shouted: "Headsman, cut off his head!"Thus, the headsman cut off the Prophet's head. A wonderful thing happened: Yahya's head rolled over the marble royal court, and there was a voice saying: "It is unlawful for you! It is unlawful for you!"Hirodus was frightened, so he ordered his men to put out the torches and to follow him.Yahya died a martyr, but his words went on echoing in the palace and the city.Yahya gave good news to the people of the Prophets who came after him. He was the first to believe in 'Isa's prophecy, and he gave good news to the people of 'Isa's coming.Allah, the Glorified, said in the Koran: "Peace be on him on the day he was born, on the day he will die, and on the day he will be raised from the dead."Our prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) said: "Everyone will have sins when they will meet Allah on the Day of Judgment, except Yahya, son of Zakariya."He also said concerning him: "All the children of Adam commit sins and they are anxious of their sins except Yahya, son of Zakariya."When our prophet 'Isa heard of the murder of Yahya, he became very sad and said: "Women will not bear a baby-boy who is greater than Yahya.""

The Return of 'Isaa

Hirodus died, but wickedness lasted, and the Jews went on leading a life full of ignorance. Thus, 'Isa, son of Maryam, decided to return to Plaestine. He and his mother lived at a village called al-Nasirah among Mount al-Jalil. There came the angel to him and ordered him to announce Allah's message..

The Story of Our Prophet 'Isa

'Isa sat in the temple, in Jerusalem. He was thirty years of age. He was tall and thin. He was bare-footed and wore a woolen shirt. He thought about the fate of his people.'Isa left the temple and headed for the hills. The shepherds took their sheep and returned home. The sun was about to set. 'Isa thought about the children of Israel and asked himself: "How can I guide the children of Israel to the Light? How can guide them to the right path?"The sun set, so the shepherds returned to their houses, the sheep to their yards, birds to their nests, and children to their mothers' laps.As for 'Isa, he did not return to his house. Why? Because he had no house.He slept in the wilderness. He went to the caves in the mountains when it rained or snowed. When he became hungry, he ate wild plants.Thus, 'Isa led a life of freedom and asceticism. He feared no one except Allah. He lived honorable, for he had no ambition in this world.When the evening came and it was time to sleep, 'Isa put a stone under his head, lay on his back, and looked at the sky full of stars.Suddenly, the angel appeared and filled the place with light. He said to 'Isa: "Allah order you to annouce His message.Thus, 'Isa assumed the responsiblility of spreading Allah's message. Allah Almighty supported him..

The Heavenly Announcement

The market was full of people. 'Isa stood up to announce the news of the Sky. He said bravely: "Children of Israel, I am Allah's apostle to you. I will verify what is before me of the Torah and give good news of an Apostle who will come after me, his name is Ahmed."At that time Fontius Flatos was the ruler of Palestine.The Caesar ordered the rulers to fulfill the demands of the people in the occupied regions if they did not harm the security of the Roman Empire.The ruler watched closely what was happening in his country.One day he received reports about what had happened in his country. It had been mentioned in the reports: "A young man called 'Isa says that he is Allah's apostle, and that he summons people to follow Allah's religion and to refrain from corruption.The Jewish clergymen were displeased with 'Isa's message. Why were they displeased with 'Isa's message? They were displeased with it because it summoned people to help the poor and to give food to the hungry, and because 'Isa said that the Jewish clergymen had distorted the Torah, and because the Jewish clergy men deceived the poor and took their belongings as gifts for gods.At that time some Jews disbelieved in the Day of Judgment and life after death. They did not believe in reckoning. punishment, and reward. They did not say that openly. They acted religiously but in reality they deviated from religion. They showed belief and concealed unbelief..

The Struggle

The Jewish clergymen started their war against 'Isa; they spread rumors against him and accused him of unbelief. They said with malice: "If 'Isa is a prophet, then where are his miracles? Musa had many miracles, then what has 'Isa brought?"They said obscene words against Maryam.They accused her while she was chaste.In the wilderness, 'Isa summoned the children of Israel to believe in the spirit and to refrain being materialistic.A Jewish clergy man said: "The spirit is the material that circulates through our veins."'Isa, son of Maryam said: "The spirit is Allah's word.""I do not know what you say," commented the Jewish clergy man.'Isa bent and took a handful of clay, and then he sked the Jewish clergyman: "What is this?""A handful of clay," answered the Jewish clergyman."Does it have spirit?" asked 'Isa."No," replied the Jewish clergyman."I will make of it a shape like a bird, and then I will blow into it and it will become a bird with Allah's permission.The Jewish clergyman said with astonishment: "What do you mean?"'Isa replied: "I mean that I am able to blow into it and it will turn into a bird with Allah's permission. That is because Allah gives life to all creatures, and He has power over all things.At that moment, 'Isa created a shape like a bird and blew into it.Suddenly, the handful of clay turned into a white pigeon. The pigeon clapped its wing and flew away in the blue sky.'Isa was filled with humbleness for Allah, the Almighty, the Creator..

The Disciples

Did the children of Israel believe in 'Isa? Did they prostrate themselves to Allah? The answer is certainly 'no'. The Jewish clergymen increased their malice against 'Isa, and they rumored among the simple people: "'Isa is an unbelieving young man!"They plotted to kill him. 'Isa saw unbelief in their eyes, so he said: "Who will be my helpers in Allah's way?"So twelve men rose and said: "We are helpers (in the way) of Allah."Then they looked at the sky and said: Our Lord, we have believed in what you have revealed and we followed the apostle, so write us down with those who bear witness.""


Our prophet 'Isa had a friend called 'Azir. 'Azir was a believing young man, so 'Isa loved him very much.One day 'Isa went to 'Azir's house and asked about him. A woman came out weeping and saying: "'Azir died and was buried three days ago!"Our prophet 'Isa asked the woman: "Do you want to see 'Azir?"The believing mother answered: "Yes, Allah's Spirit!"'Isa said: "Tomorrow, I will come and give him life with Allah's permisison.In the early morning, 'Isa came and said to the mother: "Come with me to his grave."'Isa stood by the grave, looked at the sky, begged Allah, and said with firm faith: "'Azir, wake up!"Suddenly, the dust moved aside, the grave split open, and 'Azir came out of it.The mother embraced her son with tears rolling down her cheeks.Our prophet 'Isa asked 'Azir: "Do you want to stay with your mother?"'Azir replied: "Yes, Allah's Word!"'Isa explained: "Allah has given you a new life. You will marry, and Allah will grant you good children.""

The Heavenly Food

Allah inspired the disciples to believe in Him and His apostle, and they said: "We have believed, and bear witness that we have submitted (to You)."The disciples followed 'Isa, son of Maryam. They believed in him and supported him. They were a small army, but they were strong.'Isa was notable here and in the hereafter. He was so believing that Allah accepted all his supplications.'Isa asked Allah for miracles to make people believe in Him.'Isa was like a good shepherd who took care of his sheep and protected them from wolves. The poor from among the children of Israel were like lost sheep. The hypocrites were like wolves; they took the poor and taught them to disbelieve in the message of 'Isa (A.S.).One day 'Isa and his disciples went to the nearby hills. They wanted to spread faith among the people of the villages.They sat by a fountain. 'Isa began washing the disciples feet. So the disciples asked him: "Why are you washing our feet, Allah's apostle?"'Isa said humbly: "I want you to treat people as I treat you; I want you to serve them as I serve you."The disciples became hungry. 'Isa satisfied his hunger with some wild plants, but the disciples were unable to do that..

'Isa renounced this world, he taught himself how to control his stomach.The disciples said to each other: "'Isa created a bird from the clay with Allah's permission. He gave life to 'Azir with Allah's permission, so he is able to ask Allah to send us food from the sky."For this reason, they asked him: "'Isa, son of Maryam, can your lord send us food from the sky?"For this reason, they asked him: "'Isa, son of Maryam, can your Lord send us food from the sky?" 'Isa was moved, so he asked himself: "Do they doubt Allah's power?" Then he said to them: "Fear Allah if you are believers!"They said: "We desire that we should eat of it, and that our hearts should be at rest, and that we may know that you have spoken the truth to us and that we may be of the witnesses to it."They wanted to say: "We want food from the sky so that our hearts are sure of it, and we will bear witness to this miracle before all the people. Therefore, the food will be another proof of truthfulness for you, 'Isa. Moreover, we want to get the blessing of heavenly food."'Isa(A.S.) kept silent, his bright face became sad, and his eyes blazed with heavenly light..

'Isa prostrated himself to Allah, the Lord of heavens, and then he looked at the blue sky and said from the bottom of his heart: "Our Lord, send down to us food from heaven, which should be an ever recurring happiness to the first of us and the last of us, and a sign from You, and grant us means of subsistence, and You are the best of the providers."Heavenly light blazed and covered the place. 'Isa (A.S.) and the disciples heard Allah's voice saying to them: "Surely, I will sent it down to you, but whoever shall disbelieve afterwards from among you surely I will chastise him with a chastisement with which I will not chastise any one among the nations."Excellent food came down from heaven. It had bread and meat. Its flavor traveled through space, so the hungry and the poor came to 'Isa. They found with him excellent food, so they ate and drank and went away..

At the Beach

Our prophet 'Isa (A.S.) went to the beach to visit the fishermen. Seeing 'Isa, the fishermen cheered: "The teacher has come!"They were sad because they threw their nets into the see, but all their attempts came to nothing.Some fishermaen sat at the beach; some sat on their boats and looked at 'Isa with sadness; so they folded their sails and were hopeless.'Isa embarked a boat and ordered the fishermaen to go fishing.The fishermen raised their sails and followed the boat of 'Isa (A.S.).'Isa ordered the fishermen to stop at a certain place in the Blue Sea and to throw their nets into the water. A surprising thing occurred! The fishermen drew their nets and they were full of fish. They went on fishing till their boats were full of fish.The fishermen thanked Allah for that and returned to the beach..

The Healing

One day one of the disciples asked our prophet 'Isa to go with him to his house. 'Isa accepted and went with the disciple.On his way there, 'Isa saw a young man wailing and some people mocking him. The young man was dumb and deaf. He did not hear anything, so he was not able to speak. However, he looked at the people with perplexity when the laughed at him.Isa put the palm of his hand on the young man's ear and he was able to hear. The people were astonished when they knew that the youne man was able to hear, so some of them believed in 'Isa and followed him.Then 'Isa went to his friend's house.In the morning, 'Isa heard some people hitting the door with stones, so he went out to see what was happening.When 'Isa went out, he saw a leprous person walking and some people hitting him with stones to force him to leave the village.The people hit the leprous person with stones from far and felt disgust at seeing him.'Isa put the palm of his hand on the leprous person's face and healed him of his disease.As for the people, they pushed one another to touch 'Isa's hand to be blessed by it..

The Plot

'Isa devoted his life to helping the poor, the miserable, and the needy. He guided the people to the right path and gave them good news of the most honorable Prophet, Mohammed (S.A.W.), whom he called the Comforter. He said to them: "As for the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom Father will send in my name, he will teach you everything and remind you of what I have said to you."(John's Gospel).'Isa read to the people what had been mentioned in the Torah; he read to them what Allah, the Glorified, said to Musa (A.S.): "I will appoint to them a prophet like you from among their brothers, and I will put my words in his mouth, so he will tell them about all what I will entrust to him."(Torah,the Deuteronomy).For this reason, the Jewish soothsayers bore malice agaist 'Isa and provoked the people to kill him. They rumored that 'Isa was a magician, and that he turned away from Musa's religion..

One day, while 'Isa and his disciples were sitting in the temple, the Jews rushed to kill him. Thus, Filatos, the ruler, ordered the police to arrest him to protect him from the wickedness of the Jews and to know his view and message.'Isa was taken to the palace, and the mob followed him, so Filatos came out of his palace to ask them about the reason why they were indignant with 'Isa..
The mob shouted everywhere: "'Isa is an unbeliever, apostate, and a traitor!"Thus, the bodyguards closed the gate of the palace. Then Filatos consider carefully 'Isa's face. He saw his eyes blazing with love and peace, so he said to himself: "Surely, this young man has sincere views."Then Filatos asked 'Isa: "Do you provoke people against my government?"'Isa answered with confidence: "No, I don't. I ask them to think about the Creator of the world, to treat each other kindly, and to serve Allah, the One and Only."Filatos had read the Greek philosophers' views, so he understood that 'Isa's views would not endanger Rome.For this reason, the bodyguards opened the gate of the palace and released 'Isa..

As for the Jews, they rumored that 'Isa had impressed his views on the ruler, and that the ruler wanted to betray the Caesar.The Jews were wicked; they were not satisfied with spreading rumors, so they sent letters to the Caeaar to remove the ruler from office.Thus, the country was full of chaos. He was afraid that the Jews would overthrow his government, so he let them behave as they pleased towards 'Isa.The Jews were filled with malice against 'Isa. They were as wild as wolves, so they tried to cut him into pieces with their own teeth. They wanted to kill him because he brought them humane views and the true religion Allah revealed to our prophet Musa (A.S.).The Jewish clergymen held a noisy meeting. In the meeting they discussed how to arrest 'Isa, son of Maryam, (A.S.).Thus, the spies went everywhere to look for him, but they did not find him. The Jewish clergymen were anxious because 'Isa had hidden himself.They thought that 'Isa would endanger their interests, so they allotted expensive prizes to those who would capture him or give information about him..

Isa's Hardships

'Isa and his mother faced many hardships in this world.The Jews persecuted Maryam from the day when 'Isa (A.S.) was born. They did not believe in this miracle, and, besides, they accused Maryam of corruption when they said: "'Isa's father is a person called Yousif al-Najjar.When 'Isa grew up and assumed Allah's message, the Jews persecuted him everywhere. Now, they provoked the government to kill him, and they accused the ruler of betraying the Caesar.The Jews succeeded in getting a green light to kill 'Isa, so they searched for him everywhere. Meanwhile the Roman ruler ordered his soldiers to arrest him.Where did 'Isa go?'Isa moved secretly from one place to another. He and his followers spent each night at a different place. One night 'Isa (A.S.) and his disciples hid in a farm. When they had eaten their food, 'Isa rose to teach his followers a lesson in humbleness. He washed their hands and said: "I've done that to be an example to all of you; therefore behave humbly and modestly towards people."On that night 'Isa felt treason, so he said: "I want to tell you that the shepherd will go, the sheep will stay by themselves, and one of you will disbelieve in me before the rooster crows three times.""

Thus, the disciples looked at each other; they saw the eyes of Yahudha al-Askharyuti blazing with treason.On that cold winter night, 'Isa and his followers slept except Yahudha, who went out of the farm.Yahudha thought of gold and the expensive prizes, so he went to the temple where the Jewish clergy men sat waiting for news of 'Isa.Yahudha tole the chief Jewish clergyman about 'Isa and in turn he took gold.When the rooster crowed three times, the Jewish clergy men ordered the Roman soldiers to accompany Yahudha. Yahudha did not want anyone to recognize him, so he veiled his face.He walked and the soldiers walked behind him. The people woke when they hears the soldiers' noise. Tens of soldiers broke into the farm, and the disciples escaped in all directions.Allah wanted to punish Yahudha, so he made his face look like 'Isa's.As for 'Isa, Allah lifted him to the sky and saved him from the Jews' ugly plot..

The Cross

The Roman soldiers did not find 'Isa. They did not recognized him because they had not seen him before. During that chaos, they looked at Yahudha's face which looked like 'Isa's, so they captured Yahudha and went away.The Jews want to get rid of 'Isa quickly, so they ordered the Romans soldiers to crucify Yahudha at the Hill of al-Jaljala and they took him there and crucified him. Thus, the Jews imagined that the story of 'Isa was over.Did the story of 'Isa end?The asnwer is 'no', for many rumors about his coming were spread. Perhaps, the rumors were spread by the poor, who loved 'Isa.However, the Jews were afraid of those rumors because they were not sure of murdering 'Isa, so they rumored that they had crucified him.As for the truth, it is what Allah, the Glorified, has mentioned in the Qur'an: "And they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like 'Isa…, and they killed him without certainty.Rather, Allah took him up to himself; and Allah is Mighty, Wise."(The Holy Qur'an,4,157-158) 'Isa will come someday, When will he come?He will come on the promised day when the twelfth Imam of the holy Ahl al-Bayt, Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), of whose coming our prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) gave good news, comes.'Isa will support al-Mahdi, the truth will defeat falsehood, and love and peace will prevail on earth..

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