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A Cry from the Heart

 Remember the days of Karbala,
When the best friends
Of Islam played their part.

Mourn for the days of Karbala,
Tearing a cry from the heart.

The only sound was the whispering wind,
Mixed with the cries of thirst.
Of the friends and family of the
Martyred saint on the eve of martyrdom's first.

As the red sky loomed over that tragic scene,
The soldiers attacked without pity.
In the name of God they offered their lives
And were accepted to the heavenly city.

As the martyrs lay on the bare hot earth,
Reflected in Zainab's (A.S) eyes.
Alone she (A.S) sat, a witness to death,
And no none to hear her cries.

Remember the days of Karbala,
Immortalize them,
Keep them apart.

Mourn for the days of Karbala,
And bleed with a cry from the heart

Zahra Hossaini-Mo'min

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