Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 451 to 460

  1. Your turning away from him who inclines towards you is a loss of your share of advantage while your inclining towards him who turns away from you is humiliation for yourself.

  2. Riches and destitution will follow presentation before Allah.

  3. Zubair remained a man from our house till his wretched son Abdullah came forth.

  4. What has a man to do with vanity. His origin is semen and his end is a carcass while he cannot feed himself nor ward off death.

  5. Imam (A.S.) was asked about the greatest poet and he said: The whole group of them did not proceed on the same lines in such a way that we can know the height of their glory; but if it has to be done then it is the “al-Malik ad-dillil” (the mislead king).

  6. Is there no free man who can leave this chewed morsel (of the world) to those who like it? Certainly, the only price for yourselves is Paradise. Therefore, do not sell yourself except for Paradise.

  7. Two greedy persons never get satiated, the seeker of knowledge and the seeker of this world.

  8. Belief means you should prefer truth when it harms you rather than falsehood when it benefits you; your words should not be more than your action and you should fear Allah when speaking about others.

  9. Destiny holds sway over (our) predetermination till effort itself brings about ruin.

  10. Forbearance and endurance are twins and they are the product of high courage.

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