Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 391 to 400

  1. Abstain from the world so that Allah may show you its real evils and do not be neglectful because (in any case) you will not be neglected.

  2. Speak so that you may be known, since man is hidden under his tongue.

  3. Take off the favours of the world whatever comes to you and keep away from what keeps away from you. If you cannot do so be moderate in your seeking.

  4. Many an expression is more effective than an attack.

  5. Every small thing that is contented upon, suffices.

  6. Let it be death but not humiliation. Let it be little but not through others. He who does not get while sitting will not get by standing either. The world has two days one for you and the other against you. When the day is for you, do not feel proud but when it is against you endure it.

  7. The best scent is musk; its weight is light while its smell is scentful.

  8. Put off boasting, give up self-conceit and remember your grave.

  9. The child has a right on the father while the father too has a right on the child. The right of a father on a child is that the latter should obey the former in every matter save in committing sins of Allah, the Glorified, while the right of the child on the father is that he should give him a beautiful name, give him good training and teach him the Quran.

  10. Evil effect of sight is right; charm is right; sorcery is right, and fa’l (auguring good) is right, while tiyarah (auguring evil) is not right, and spreading of a disease from one to the other is not right. Scent gives pleasure, honey gives pleasure, riding gives pleasure and looking at greenery gives pleasure.

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