Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 281 to 290

  1. Perception by the eyes is not real observation because the eyes sometimes deceive people; but wisdom does not deceive whomsoever it counsels.
  2. Between you and the preaching there is a curtain of deception.
  3. The ignorant among you get too much while the learned are just put off.
  4. Knowledge dispels the excuse of those who advance excuses.
  5. He whom death overtakes early seeks time while he whose death is deferred puts forth excuses for postponement (of doing good actions).
  6. For every thing to which people say “how good!” there is an evil hidden in this world.
  7. Imam, peace be upon him, was asked about Destiny, when he said: It is a dark path — do not tread upon it, it is a deep ocean – do not dive in it, and it is the secret of Allah — do not take trouble about (knowing) it.
  8. When Allah intends to humiliate a person He denies him knowledge.
  9. In the past I had a brother-in-faith and he was prestigious in my view because the world was humble in his eyes, the needs of the stomach did not have sway over him, he did not long for what he did not get; if he got a thing he would not ask for more; most of his time he was silent, if he spoke he silenced the other speakers, he quenched the thirst of questioners, he was weak and feeble but at the time of fighting he was like the lion of the forest or the serpent of the valley, he would not put forth an argument unless it was decisive.
  10. He would not abuse anyone in an excusable matter unless he had heard the excuse, he would not speak of any trouble except after its disappearance, he would say what he would do, and would not say what he would not do, even if he could be exceeded in speaking, he could not be excelled in silence, he was more eager for keeping quiet than speaking and if two things confronted him he would see which was more akin to the longing of the heart and he would oppose it. These qualities are incumbent upon you. So, you should acquire them and excel each other in them. Even if you cannot acquire them you should know that acquiring a part is better than giving up the whole.

  11. Even if Allah had not warned of chastisement on those disobedient to Him, it would be obligatory by way of gratefulness for His favours that He should not be disobeyed.

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