Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 271 to 280

  1. It is related that two persons were brought to Imam They had committed theft of public property. One of them was a slave purchased from public money and the other had been purchased by someone among the people. Then Imam (a.s.) said: As for this one who is the property of public money, there is no punishment for him for it means one property of Allah having taken another property of Allah. As for the other, he should get the punishment. Consequently, his hand was cut.
  2. If my steps acquire firmness out of these slippery places, I will alter several things.
  3. Know with full conviction that Allah has not fixed for any person more livelihood than what has been ordained in the Book of Destiny, even though his means may be great, his craving for it intense and his efforts for it acute; nor does the weakness of a person or the paucity of his means stand in the way between what is ordained in the Book of Destiny and himself. He who realizes it and acts upon it is the best of them all in point of comfort and benefit; while he who disregards it arid doubts it exceeds all men in disadvantages. Very often a favoured person is being slowly driven (towards punishment) through those favours; and very often an afflicted person is being done good through his affliction. Therefore, O’ listener, increase your gratefulness, lessen your haste and stay within the bounds of your livelihood.
  4. Do not turn your knowledge into ignorance or your conviction into doubt. When you gain knowledge act (upon it) and when you acquire conviction proceed (on its basis) .
  5. Greed takes a person to the watering place but gets him back without letting him drink. It undertakes responsibility but does not fulfil it. Often the drinker gets choked before the quenching of his thirst. The greater the worth of a thing yearned for the greater is the grief for its loss. Desires blind the eyes of understanding. The destined share will reach him who does not approach it.
  6. O’ my Allah, I seek Your protection from this that I may appear to be good in the eyes of the people whilst my inward self may be sinful before You, and that I may guard myself (from sins) only for show before the people although You are aware of all about me. Thus, I appear before the people in good shape althoughmy evil deeds are placed before You. This means achieving nearness to Your creatures but remoteness from Your pleasure.
  7. I swear by Him Who let us pass the dark night after which there was a bright day that such and such did not happen.
  8. A small action which is continued with regularity is more beneficial than a long one performed with disgust.
  9. When optional issues stand in the way of opligations, abandon them.
  10. Whoever keeps in view the distance of the journey remains prepared.

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