Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 251 to 260

  1. The sournessthis world is the sweetness of the next world while the sweetness of this world is the sourness of the next one.
  2. Allah has laid down iman for purification from polytheism; salat for purification from vanity; zakat as a means of livelihood; siyam (fasting) as a trial of the people; hajj as a support for religion; jihad for the honour of Islam; persuasion for good for the good of the common people; dissuasion from evil for the control of the mischievous; regard for kinship for increase of number; revenge for stoppage of bloodshed; the award of penalties for the realization of importance of the prohibitions; the abstinence from drinkingwine for protection of the wit; the avoidance of theft for inculcating chastity; abstinence from adultery for safeguarding descent; abstinence from sodomy for increase of progeny; tendering evidence for furnishing proof against contentions; abstinence from the lie for increasing esteem for truth; maintenance of peace (salam) for protection from danger; Imamate (Divine Leadership) for the orderliness of the community and obedience (to Imams) as a mark of respect to the Imamate.
  3. If you want an oppressor to take an oath ask him to swear like this that he is out of Allah’s might and His power, because if he swears falsely in this way he will be quickly punished, while if he swears by Allah Who is such that there is no god but He, he will not be quickly punished since he is expressing the Unity of Allah, the Sublime.
  4. O’ son of Adam, be your own representative in the matter of your property and do about it whatever you want to be done with it after your death.
  5. Anger is a kind of madness because the victim to it repents afterwards. If he does not repent his madness is confirmed.
  6. Health of body comes from paucity of envy.
  7. Imam (a.s.) said to Kumayl ibn Ziyad an-Nakha’i: O Kumayl, direct your people to go out in the day to achieve noble traits and go out in the night to meet the needs of those who might be sleeping, for I swear by Him Whose hearing extends to all voices if ever someone pleases another’s heart, Allah will create a special thing out of this pleasing so that whenever any hardship befalls him it will come running like flowing water and drive away the hardship as wild camels are driven away.
  8. When you fall in destitution, trade with Allah through charity.
  9. Faithfulness with faithless people is faithlessness with Allah, while faithlessness with faithless people is faithfulness with Allah.
  10. There is many a man being gradually brought towards punishment by good treatment with him; many a man who remains in deceit because his evils are covered; and many a man who is in illusion because of good talk about him, while there is no greater ordeal by Allah, the Glorified, than the giving of time.

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