Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 201 to 210

  1. With every individual there are two angels who protect him; when destiny approaches they let it have its own way with him. Certainly, the appointed time is a protective shield.
  2. When Talha and Zubair said to him: We are preparedto swear allegiance to you on condition that we have a share with you in this matter (of caliphate), Imam said: No, but you will have a share in strengthening (caliphate) and in affording assistance and you will both be helping me at the time of need and hardship.
  3. O, people, fear Allah Who is such that when you speak He hears and when you conceal (a secret) He knows it. Prepare yourself to meet death which will overtake you even if you run away, catch you even if you stay and remember you even if you forget it.
  4. If someone is not grateful to you, that should not prevent you from good actions, because (possibly) such a person will feel grateful about it who has not even drawn any benefit from it, and his gratefulnesswill be more than the ingratitude of the denier; And Allah loves those who do good. (Quran, 3:134,148; 5:93)
  5. Every containergets narrower according to what is placed in it except knowledgewhich expands instead.
  6. The first reward the exerciser of forbearance gets is that people become his helpers against the ignorant.
  7. If you cannot forbear, feign to do so because it is seldom that a man likens himself to a group and does not become as one of them.
  8. Whoever takes account of his self is benefited, and whoever remains neglectful of it suffers. Whoever fears remains safe; whoever takes instruction gets light; and whoever gets light gets understanding, and whoever gets understanding secures knowledge.
  9. The world will bend towards us after having been refractory as the biting she-camel bends towards its young. Then Amir al-mu’minin recited the verse; And intend We to bestow (Our) favour upon those who were considered weak in the land, and to make them the Imams (guides in faith), and to make them the heirs. (Quran, 28:5)
  10. Fear Allah like the one who prepares himself after extracting himself (from worldly affairs) and after getting ready in this way makes effort; then he acts quickly during the period of this life, hastens in view of dangers (falling into error) and has his eye on proceeding towards the goal, on the end of his journey and on the place of his return.

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