Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 191 to 200

  1. In this world man is the target towards which arrows of death fly, and is like that wealth whose destruction is quickened by hard ships. (In this world) with every drink there is suffocation and with every morsel there is chocking. Here no one gets anything unless he loses something else, and not a day of his age advances fill a day passes out from his life. Thus, we are helpers of death and our lives are the targets of morality. How then can we expect everlasting life since the night and day do not raise anything high without quickly arranging for the destruction of whatever they have built and for the splitting asunder of whatever they have joined together.

  2. O’ son of Adam, whatever you earn beyond your basic needs you will only keep vigil over it for others.

  3. Hearts are imbued with passion and the power of advancing and retreating. Therefore, approach them for action at the time of their passionateness and when they are in a mood for advancing, because if hearts are forced (to do a thing) they will be blinded.

  4. If I am angry when shall I vent my anger – when I am unable to take revenge and it be said to me, “better you endure” or when I have power to take revenge and it be said to me, “better forgive”?

  5. Imam passed beside a dump of rubbish full of filth and remarked: This is what the misers used to be niggardly about.

  6. The wealth that teaches you lesson does not go waste.

  7. The hearts become tired as the bodies become tired. You should therefore search for beautiful sayings for them (to enjoy by way of refreshment).

  8. When Imam heard the slogan of the Kharijites: There is no verdict save of Allah-, he said: This sentence is true but it is interpreted wrongly.

  9. Imam said about the crowd of people: These are the people who, when they assemble together, are overwhelming but when they disperse they cannot be recognized.

    It is related that instead of this Imam said: These are the people who when they assemble together cause harm but when they disperse are beneficial. It was pointed out to him: We know their harm at the time of their assembling but what is their benefit at the time of their dispersal?Then he replied: The workers return to their work and people get benefit out of them, like the return of the mason to the buildingsite, that of the weaver to his loom, and that of the baker to his bakery.

  10. An offender was brought before Imam and there was a crowd of people with man, so Imam remarked: Woe to the faces who are seen only on foul occasions.

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