Nahjul BalaghaSayings

Nahjul Balagha Sayings 151 to 160

  1. Every human being has to meet the end, sweet or sour.

  2. Every comer has to return and after returning it is as though he never existed.

  3. The endurer does not miss success although it may take a long time.

  4. He who agrees with the action of a group of persons is as though he joins them in that action. And every one who joins in wrong commits two sins; one sin for committing the wrong and the other for agreeing with it.

  5. Adhere to contracts and entrust their fulfilment to steadfast persons.

  6. On you lies ( the obligation of) obedience to the person about whom you cannot plead the excuse of ignorance.

  7. Surely, you have been made to see if (only) you care to see; surely, you have been guided if (only) you care to take guidance; and surely you have been made to hear if (only) you care to lend your ears.

  8. Admonish your brother (comrade) by good behaviour towards him, and ward off his evil by favouring him.

  9. He who puts himself in conditions of ill-repute should not blame those who entertain bad ideas about him.

  10. Whoever obtains authority (usually) adopts partiality.

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