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Martyrdom of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (a.s.)

Imam Baqir obviously became martyr in the Hesham- Ibn- Abdolmalek’s era. Because Hesham’s kingdom started from 105 to 125 A.H and according to the historians the year of Imam’s martyrdom was in 118 A.H. Considering the cruel behaviors of Hesham toward Imam Baqir and the undeniable animosity of the Omavids toward Imam Ali’s progeny, there is no doubt that Hesham had an effective role in Imam’s martyrdom in a secret manner.

To wish for actualization of his plots, Hesham took the advantage of his trustees. He employed Ibrahim- Ibn- Valid who was from Omavids and the enemy of the Holy Prophet’s Progeny.Ibrahim in turn paved the ground for another person who could be so close to Imam Baqir. He supplied him with all necessary facilities. This person was from Bani Hashem’s tribe and he could put the treacherous plot into practice and led to Imam’s martyrdom.

The life of Imam Baqir led to the valuable achievements for Islam and the most important of them are :

  1. The fortification of the ideological principles and the religious beliefs of the Islamic society.
  2. Criticizing and opposition toward the false beliefs and thoughts which had influenced on Muslims.
  3. The development of the legal culture along with the Islamic rules.
  4. Fighting with the incorrect methods of discretion and the analyzing the legal rules.
  5. Training the brilliant students on the fields of jurisprudence, discourse and the ethical and social issues.
  6. Leading the Shiite society toward the purely Islamic thoughts.
  7. Avoiding the devastation of the Shiite formations under the pressure of the dictator style of the Omavids.
  8. The promulgation of the Politico-Ideological thoughts of the Shiites along with the policy of Taqiyeh which means concealing of one’s faith.
  9. Providing the society with the practical models on praying, piety, efforts and endeavors, science, ethics and the social activities.

Imam Baqir from Imam Khomeini’s point of view

Imam Baqir (Baqir-ol-Olum) who was the scientist among the members of the Holy Prophet’s progeny and also the lover of God’s Divine Beauty, treated the alms so dearly in such a way he kissed them and smelled it after it would be touched by the hand of a poor person. Only God knows that at that moment, his divine nature was captured by tranquility and happiness and also only he is aware that how those divine relations could heal this state of love- based burning.

Baqir-ol- Olum is the greatest figure in the historical field and except God Almighty the Holy Prophet and the fourteen innocent Imams no one would be able to understand his value and rank.

Imam Baqir from the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's point of view

The Holy Prophet’s progeny’s state in Imam Baqir’s era was in a situation so that the greatest scholars, scientists and jurist consults of that era, in that society were Imam Baqir’s students. that was a great success:

A person, as an element, a family who had no facility in the society because of the regime’s influence, would achieve success and opportunity to the extent that all of the great figures, the professors appeared to be among them and all of the universities were named after them and in their memorial. This is an indicative of an extra ordinary effort which was initiated by Imam Sajjad and this continued till the end of Imam Baqir’s life.

Imam Baqir’s greatest task and at the same time responsibility was to explain the correct version of Islam, the true interpretation of Quran, the divine laws, and the religiously lawful rules to the people in a correct manner.

During 20 years of his fruitful life, Imam Baqir spread the incitement of Shiite culture along with the ruling of Imam Ali’s descendents (Alavids) every where and he attracted the attention of many people.

Among Imam’s measures was that he explained parts of the cruelties which occurred to the society and the Holy Prophet’s progeny to those who were eager to listen to and he stimulated them.

Sayings of the 5th Imam

Imam Baqir a.s. said: "If your love is sincere, you will obey Him, Certainly the lover obeys his beloved."

"Our Shia are only those who fear and obey Allah. They are recognised only by modesty, piety, fulfillment of the trusts, very much remembrance of Allah, fasting, offering prayers, piety to (their) parents, aiding the neighbours (especially the poor, the destitute, the indebted, and the orphans), truth, reciting the Quran, and avoiding mentioning people except for praising. In addition, they are the most truthful of the people of their tribes."

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