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Eloquent Words

The Holy Prophet said: 

  1. “Whoever has not made any improvements in one day has lost.”
  2. “Say each of your prayer as if it were your last prayer.”
  3. “At the (appointed) time of every prayer, I hear a caller who calls and says, ‘O children of Adam! Keep up prayers in order to extinguish the fire you have lit against yourselves (by committing sin).’ 
  4. "The worship done by the one who earns his living on unlawful money is similar to a building constructed upon sand."
  5. "Do not look at the minuteness of the sin, but see Whom you have sinned against."
  6. "Someone who possesses knowledge on a subject but conceals it when he is asked will be bridled with reins of fire." (Therefore, if a person possesses information that would help a bewildered person and improve his situation but he remains silent, he has surely committed a great sin.)
  7. "The Quran is Allah's university; so, learn as much as you can in this university."
  8. Blessed is he who Allah looks upon while he is weeping for the sin that none is aware of except Allah. (Various traditions emphasize that one must not let others know of his sins. One must make confessions about his sins only to Allah and, then, repent.)
  9. "The one who sees a wrong action done should prohibit it by his deed, if he is capable, of course; and if he cannot do that, he should prohibit it by his tongue, but if he is not able to do even that, he may forbid it by his heart."
  10. "He who sleeps bearing deceit against his Muslim brother in his heart, has slept in the wrath of Allah and remains in that case until he repents."
  11.  "No drop is more beloved with Allah, Almighty and Glorious, than the drop of blood which is poured in the way of Allah.”
  12. "The person who dies and has not known the Imam of his time (Imam Mahdi [a] is that of the present time) has died the same as one who died during the Age of Ignorance."
  13. "Take advantage of five opportunities before five other things: Your youth before your senescence, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your leisure before your haste, and your life before your death."
  14. "He who studies the religion of Allah, He is sufficient to remove his grief and provides him with sustenance from whence he could never imagine."
  15. "Anger spoils Faith as much as vinegar spoils honey."
  16. “A man giving in alms one piece of silver in his lifetime is better for him than giving one hundred when about to die.”
  17.  “He who travels in the search of knowledge, to him God shows the way of Paradise.”
  18. “Keep yourselves far from envy, because it eats up and takes away good actions, like the fire that eats up and burns wood.”
  19.  “Deal gently with a people, and be not harsh; cheer them and condemn not.”
  20. “The love of the world is the root of all evils.”

The sixth Imam said:

  1. “If a son of Adam possessed two vast valleys wherein gold and silver flowed, he would still wish to search for the third one.”
  2. “To recognize the actuality of your friend, you should enrage him. If he keeps up his friendship, he is true friend lest, he is false.”
  3. “Knowledge is the comrade of the faithful believer, clemency is his supporter, patience is the commander of his army, lenience is his brother, and charity is his father.”
  4. “As for those who practice without guidance, they are like him who walks without choosing a definite path. The more he walks, the remoter he becomes.”
  5. “The world is the believer's jail, patience is his fortress, and Paradise is his abode. The world is the disbeliever's paradise, grave is his jail, and Hell is his abode.”
  6. “The most favourable friend to me is that who shows me my flaws. “
  7. “Beware of climbing an easy mountain if its slope is uneven.”
  8. “You should know that I will fulfil the trust of even the killer of Imam Ali (AS) if he deposits something with me or seeks my advice of consultation.”
  9. “The believer should live between two fears the past sin that he does not know what Allah will do about it and the remaining days that he does not know what misfortunes he will encounter during them. Thus, the believer begins his day fearfully and ends his day fearfully. Except fear, nothing mends the believer.”
  10. “You will not be regarded as (true) believers before you see the misfortunes as graces and the luxury as disaster.”
  11. "Piety is that Allah does not miss you in the place where He has commanded you to be, and does not see (find) you where He has forbidden you from."
  12. Be aware of (the punishment of) Allah, piety, godly endeavor, saying the truth, honesty in deposition, good character, and good neighbourliness. Invite (others) to yourselves (by performing good actions), not with mere utterance. Live to be ornaments, and not to be a disgrace to us. (I advise you) to prolong the length of bowing and prostration. So, verily, when one of you prolongs bowing and prostration, Satan cries from behind one and says: Woe! He obeyed and I disobeyed; he did prostration and I refused."
  13. "Every invocation sought from Allah, Almighty and Glorious, is barred by the sky unless it is coupled with 'Salawat', benediction upon the Prophet and his progeny." (The expression of 'Salawat' means: O God bless Muhammad and his descendants).
  14. "There are six things that a Muslim believer can be profited by after his death: A righteous child who seeks forgiveness for him. The Holy scripture which will be recited from. A well which he had dug (for the benefit of people). The tree which he had planted. The charity of water that he had caused to flow. A good tradition which will be followed (by people) after him."
  15. "All good deeds totally, including even the struggle in the Holy War in the way of Allah, comparing with enjoining right and forbidding wrong, is like a small amount of saliva compared with a deep ocean.”
  16. "Be the friend of he who may grace you, not of one whom you are better than." (- viz. make friends with ones who are higher than you so that you progress.)”
  17. "By Allah, he who withholds his wealth from helping a needy believer will never taste the food of Heaven nor drink from the drink sealed there."
  18. "Do treat kindly your parents so that your children do the same to you; and be pious unto the wives of people so that your wives remain pious."
  19. "The love of this fleeting world is the origin of all vices."
  20. "Anger is a destroyer for the heart of a sage; and he who does not have his anger under his control does not have his wisdom under his control, either."

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